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Gluten Free for 20 Years

In my late teens, I (Josie Johnson) experienced a gauntlet of seemingly unrelated health problems.  Eventually,  I was treated by a homeopathic doctor who suspected I had food allergies. After several weeks of an elimination diet, my symptoms were gone and I felt like myself again.  The main culprit that was making me sick: gluten.  I’ve eaten gluten-free for the last 20 years, and have never had a re-occurrence of my health issues.


Sunday morning pancakes and waffles were something my family cherished.  The gluten free pancake options at the time were just not good, expensive, and difficult to make; so making a great gluten free pancake was my mission after my diagnosis.  I made a lot of bad pancakes for a long time but over several years, narrowed down the flours and ratios that make gluten free baking work.  Initially, I just made our baking mixes for our family; but after lots of prodding from friends and family, I brought our pancake and waffle mix to a restaurant for them to try.   The restaurant asked how soon I could get them the product and we knew we had something.   Our mission is to create a product that is not just “good for gluten free” but an outstanding product regardless. All of our products are batch tested for gluten and made in a dedicated gluten free and top 8 allergens free facility.

The ingredients in our mixes have been carefully and thoughtfully researched and are free from nut flour, soy flour, bean flour, and contain only small amounts of corn from the baking powder and powdered sugar. Dairy free milk and Vegan egg options work beautifully with our baking mixes.

My husband and I run the business along with our 3 “helpers”. Truly from our family to yours, we hope you love our products!



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